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Help us Make a Living

Our women are proud and eager to work. What better way towards empowerment and providing for basic family needs than to produce and sell handcrafted items.

We only have 2 small sewing machines for a total of 130 women! There are exciting plans to create two new products for children but we need your help to make this dream come true. 

Second hand donations of these items most welcome or help us purchase industrial grade sewing machine for around $700. We could have 3 shifts of women working on this machine daily - imagine how many amaing products we could craft!


Empowerment through Education

We run frequent educational workshops at our main centre and having access to a laptop and projector would greatly improve our content and delivery. 

From why its a good idea to stop children marrying at 12, teaching English vocabulary, handling domestic violence or how to assemble a product: a laptop and projector would bring this all to life.

A laptop would also help with general advocacy work for when we are invited to present to NGOs and other institutions. Second hand donations of these items most welcome or help us purchase new ones for around $1,500.



Bringing Joy to Wounded Hearts

To help heal from trauma and suffering we can't think of anything better than creating oportunities for joy and connectedness. $200 will sponsor a fun day out our for our women and children such as sports day, trip to the beach (oh how the sea lifts ones' spirits!) and educational trips.

We are currently looking to sponsor a day out for orphan Rohingya boys who dream of playing football and are big Barcelona fans (football jerseys would be an awesome gift too!). We will need around $200 to purchase footballs, hire a small football pitch and arrange transport.


Helping Those in Need

A big bag of rice and some other food staples can be a lifeline to our Rohingya families. We would like to run monthly food donation drives and use this as an opportunity to do our outreach work and support more women and children refugees.

$20 will buy a basic food hamper for a small family and help spread smiles all around!


You’ll Be Glad You Did

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Help Us Make a Difference

If you feel moved by the causes Rohyngia Women Development Network promotes, we would very much appreciate your support. It’s easy and most importantly, it will make a major difference in the lives of so many who are in need of help. DONATE HERE

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